Motivation, leadership and control

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Motivation, leadership and control by Mind Map: Motivation, leadership and control

1. 21st Century Leadership/Management

1.1. Leadership

2. Sense of Community

3. Family Orientation

4. Motivation in the workplace

4.1. Motivation- Forces Affecting People’s Behavior

4.1.1. Classical Theory

4.1.2. Contemporary Motivational Theories

5. Strategies for Enhancing Job Satisfaction and Morale

5.1. Reinforcement/behavior modification

5.2. Management by objectives

5.3. Participative management and empowerment

5.4. Job enrichment and job redesign

5.5. Modified work schedules

6. Managerial Style And Leadership

6.1. Managerial Styles

6.1.1. Autocratic Style Issue orders Expect them to be followed Rapid decision-making

6.1.2. Democratic Style Ask for input from subordinates But still retains final authority

6.2. Behavior Theory

6.3. Free-Rein Style

6.3.1. Manager is advisor to subordinates

6.3.2. Motivation

6.3.3. Subordinates make decisions

6.3.4. Fosters creativity

7. High Priorities For Today’s Workforce

7.1. Quality of Life Issues

7.2. Volunteerism

7.3. Autonomy

7.4. Flexibility & Nonconformity

8. Job Satisfaction

9. Degree of enjoyment that people derive from performing their jobs

10. Turnover

10.1. Annual % of an organization’s workforce that leaves and must be replaced

11. Psychological Contract

11.1. Employee’s Contributions

11.1.1. Organization’s Inducements

11.2. Human Relations

12. The important of Satisfaction & morale in workplace

12.1. Overall attitude that employees have towards their workplace

12.2. Morale

13. Controlling

13.1. Definition of Controlling

13.1.1. Controlling Process step 2: measure actual performance step 3: compare actual performance with objectives and standards step 4: take neccessary action It facilitates co-ordination

13.1.2. Controlling is the process of measuring performance and taking action to ensure desired result.

13.2. The Important of Controlling

13.3. step 1: Establish performance objectives and standards

13.3.1. Protecting the workplace

13.3.2. It helps in planning