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Night by Mind Map: Night

1. Section 5

1.1. Faith

1.1.1. Elie came to the conclusion that God is not with him or anybody else in the camps. He ia angered by this and refuses to believe that

1.1.2. "And I, the former mystic, was thinking: Yes, man is stronger, greater than God. When Adam and Eve deceived You, You chased them from paradise. When You were displeased by Noah's generation, You brought down the Flood. When Sodom lost Your favor, You caused the heavens to rain down fire and damnation. But look at these men whom You have betrayed, allwoing them to be tortured, slaughtered, gassed, and burned, what do they do? They pray before You! They praise your name!" Ellie realized that he cant ask for an outside source for strength but he will have to look with in himself.

1.2. Selection

1.2.1. Elie showed the S>S that he was still strong and able to work. His father, however, was chosen for the selection. Thankfully there was a second selection and they didn't choose his father Elie found something in him that wouldn't let him die. It was fighting off death and encouraging him to keep surviving

2. Section 4

2.1. Buna

2.1.1. Elie went through the usual routine of showering and getting new clothes. The camp leader was fine except for the when he got angry.

2.1.2. The work wasn't difficult or dangerous and the food was rationed well.

2.2. The Factory

2.2.1. The work wasn't hard or dangerous. Elie was lucky because he was able to sit by his father and work. Two other boys sat next to him and soon befreinded him. Later he was out next to a French girl who was forced into labor If Ellie lost his father this early would he still continue?

2.3. Idek

2.3.1. Elie unfortunately crossed paths with Idek when he was enraged by something and paid the price. Elie was brutaly beaten from head to toe until he was covered in blood.

2.4. The French girl

2.4.1. The French girl, who Elie didn't think could speak German, told him,"Bite your lips, little brother...Don't cry. Keep your anger, your hate, for another day, for later. The day will come but not now...Wait. Clench your teethe and wait." He later found her again and they recognized each other. Even in times of horror you can still make friends. FAte has a weird way of bringing people together and she was there when Ellie needed it the most

2.5. Air raid

2.5.1. In the middle of the chaos two cauldrons of soup were left unattended and anyone who left their barracks would be shot. Nonetheless a man succeeded at reaching the cauldron but failed to make it back. Once he reached the bowl he let out a yell and threw his head in, once he did so he was immediately shot. Did he yell in order to get shot and die, or did he do it out of joy of reaching the soup.fd

2.5.2. An american air fleet passed over the camp dropping bombs all over. None of the barracks were hit but the factory was.

2.5.3. With the bombs came a morale boost. Suddenly the prisoners, who were mere husks, found a purpose to make it through this nightmare.

2.6. Can people relate to these situations in some way today?

3. Moishe the beadle

3.1. Poorest man in Sighet

3.2. Left Sighet and came back warning the Jewish people of what is to come.

3.2.1. foreshadowing future events and shows how optimistic the Jewish people are. No one listened to him but if a homeless man who suddenly disappeared came back yelling about horrors that were to come, I don't know if I would believe them either.

4. Section 1

5. Section 2 & Section 3

6. Section 6

6.1. Elie's father died but Elie did everything he could to keep him aive

6.2. Elie was finally freed and didn't even recognize himself.

6.3. Why didn't the author add more?

7. Start of Jewish Oppression

7.1. The Hungarian police started rounding up Jews, taking their valuables, and forcing them into ghettos.

7.2. Eie had his last family dinner

7.3. Why didn't they run while they still could.

8. Aushcwitz

8.1. Elie was separated from his family and an inmate told him to say that he was 18 to get by the SS officer determining who goes to the crematoria

8.2. The crematoria was a constant reminder that the threat of death was always looming over them

9. The Cattle Car

9.1. There was not room to move and barely enough air to breathe.

9.1.1. Even though everyone was not even two inches apart they were still so distant from each other in a way that it was everyone for themselves

9.2. Mrs. Schachter kept screaming about fire in the middle of the night when nothing was there.

9.2.1. Again, foreshadowing what is to come for the Jews.

10. Crematoria

10.1. He couldn't get the image of children being thrown into the fir pit out of his head