Marcus Bacon Operating System

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Marcus Bacon Operating System by Mind Map: Marcus Bacon Operating System

1. define: Open Source

1.1. describes practices in production and development that promote access to the end product's source materials.

2. Tablet Operating Systems

2.1. iOS5

2.1.1. iPad2 Pros: 1 2 Cons: 1 2

2.2. Android

2.2.1. Pros: 1 Built-in support for Cisco SSL VPN 2 Lots of support for enterprise software, including Citrix, Polycom, Sybase, SAP, and more

2.2.2. Cons: 1 Low battery life 2 Failed to provide good software and significant third-party app choice.

2.3. Windows7

2.3.1. Pros: 1 Wacom digitized screen and pen, which take advantage of Windows 7's handwriting recognition engine. 2 Can experience Windows 7 and Android in one system.

2.3.2. Cons: 1 More generally optimized for businesses rather than consumers. 2 performance problems running Windows 7

2.4. Dual Boot

2.4.1. Pros: 1 allows users to boot either Android 1.6 or Windows 7 on demand. 2 Offers expandable memory options via a micro SD card slot for up to 32GB of additional space.

2.4.2. Cons: 1 No flash 2 Battery life was even lower on Android than on Windows.

2.5. Kindle Fire

2.5.1. Pros: 1 The price: At $199. 2 Its on-board storefronts for Kindle books, Android apps, and movies and TV shows are visually appealing.

2.5.2. Cons: 1 Ships with just 8GB of memory. 2 Limited app selection

3. Netbook Operating Systems

3.1. Chromium

3.1.1. Pros: 1 To use this VDI files, just install VirtualBox and create a new virtual machine in it. 2 does not requires a lot of horsepower to run.

3.1.2. Cons: 1 suffer from poor hardware support 2 driver issues and are unlikely to work unless you’re using a brand new netbook

3.2. Windows7

3.2.1. Pros: 1 Longer battery life 2 smaller, cheaper,

3.2.2. Cons: 1 tiny, slow, and cheap. 2 Harder and longer to work on and reboot.

3.3. Linux

3.3.1. Pros: 1 more energy efficient 2 well suited for net centric task.

3.3.2. Cons: 1 have smaller screens and keyboards, which makes them harder and more strenuous to use. 2 less processing power, less storage capacity and are not equipped with optical disc drives

4. Sources 2011

4.1. use tinyurl or to list your links















5. Smartphone Operating Systems

5.1. iOS/ iPhone

5.1.1. Pros: 1 It's high resolution screen 2 Improvements made to the front facing camera

5.1.2. Cons: 1 Low battery life 2 antenna and the problems caused by holding the phone.

5.2. Android

5.2.1. Pros: 1 Benefits of having a 4G phone 2 The speed, syncing, and streaming

5.2.2. Cons: 1 New imperfect chips, battery life will take an appreciable hit. node 2 heavier than it should be.

5.3. Windows 7 Mobile

5.3.1. Pros: 1 Microsoft produces an excellent productivity suite in the form of Microsoft Office. 2 the device still enjoys wider support than the iPhone when it comes to choosing a carrier.

5.3.2. Cons: 1 Windows Phone 7 doesn’t support the full range of Exchange ActiveSync policies. 2 No on-device encryption.

6. My devices and my operating systems

6.1. Samsung Android Charge

6.1.1. pros 1 big screen, front facing camera 2 free music download applications.

6.1.2. cons 1 Low battery life 2 Expensive phone with expensive phone plan required.

6.2. Toshiba Laptop

6.2.1. pros 1 Large screen, DVD burner, Skype facing web cam 2 Full keyboard, wireless mouse pad installed

6.2.2. cons 1 Thick, bulky, and heavy. 2 battery life

6.3. Playstation 3

6.3.1. pros 1 Applications, netflicks installed to watch movies 2 The memory installed with purchase

6.3.2. cons 1 the price 2 accessories required to participate in on-line gaming.

7. Gaming

7.1. Playstation

7.1.1. Pros: 1 It is always on, so you can access your PlayStation3 from a remote location as long as you have a working internet connection. 2 The PS3 CPU is several times faster than Xbox360, its nearest competitor, in terms of GFlops.

7.1.2. Cons: 1 Comes with only 256 MB video RAM, less than the 512 MB the Xbox 360 comes with. 2 The PS3 GPU lacks eDRAM, which enables the Xbox360 to edge it out in terms of sheer GPU bandwidth.

7.2. XBox

7.2.1. Pros: 1 Ready for the controller-free fun of Kinect 2 Super-quiet with sleek new design plus matching controller and headset

7.2.2. Cons: 1 subscription fee of US$50 2 Less memory than the PS3

7.3. Wii

7.3.1. Pros: 1 performing, not finger pushing. 2 make you eliminate excess weight if you should utilize it properly

7.3.2. Cons: 1 Too expensive 2 Not as good as a workout, burn less calories.

8. define: Operating System

8.1. An operating system is the program that, after being initially loaded into the computer by a boot program, manages all the other programs in a computer.

9. PC Operating Systems

9.1. Ubuntu 11.04

9.1.1. Pros: 1 More Windows 7–like interaction. Improved visuals. 2 Enhancements to multitouch capabilities.

9.1.2. Cons: 1 Requires some adjustment time. 2 New features not always smoothly implemented.


9.2. Windows 7

9.2.1. Pros: 1 Windows was quicker than Mac OS X 10.6 in both image editing and video encoding. 2

9.2.2. Cons: 1 Level in multitasking. 2 Ubuntu is significantly quicker than Windows 7 in image editing and video encoding.

9.3. Mac OS X

9.3.1. Pros: 1 New desktop management made more easy and flexible, full screen apps 2 Love the finger movements

9.3.2. Cons: 1 Slow, buggy and more unstable than windows 2 No java environment supplied.