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TEDxRotterdam2011 Bernice Notenboom by Mind Map: TEDxRotterdam2011
Bernice Notenboom
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TEDxRotterdam2011 Bernice Notenboom

Lead­ing explorer

Profile on TEDxRotterdam site


polar explorer


care about the earth

artic and antartic

the ice is melting fast

can you visit the northpole on 5 years?

2 questions

1 how do you go to bathroom

2 how fast is the ice melting

answer for both:

really fast

george delong 1879



boat due to ice sank

george lost his crew

he died as the last

200 years later in 2007:

lettter of delong with me

visiting the same spot as george

not much ice left

only 40 cm's thick (is very thin)


since 2009

there is no ice which is 5 years old

closer to the north pole

at 88 degrees

north pole thrifts ice away

there is not enough ice at the northpole

at the top of the world

nothing there

artic ice is always on the move

north pole 90 degrees north

artic ice



cooling of the world

keeps everyting intact

air presure

conveyor belt

real status of the ice

2011 is even worst years

ice free northpole

ice free northwest russia


who owns





in 2020

get to the resources

more activity in the ocean

even accelerates the shrinkage of ice

oil exploration in north pole

oil leaks

how to get it gone

keep hand of the north pole if you do not consider the issues regarding oil exploration


next trip?

back to antartica

also north pole