TEDxRotterdam2011 Giel Beelen

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TEDxRotterdam2011 Giel Beelen by Mind Map: TEDxRotterdam2011 Giel Beelen

1. making a playlist

1.1. its sience

1.2. almost an art

1.3. 20 parameters

1.3.1. what kinda of mood

1.3.2. intro (8 seconds)

1.3.3. male, female, group

1.3.4. energy

1.3.5. texture

1.3.6. area

1.3.7. etc...

1.4. how to apply parameters to a playlist

1.4.1. its about combination

2. future

2.1. will be narrowcasting

2.1.1. narrow minded music

2.2. broadcasing

2.2.1. coldplay

2.2.2. katy perry

2.3. build a custommade radio station

3. TEDxRotterdamRadio

3.1. see website

3.2. available 'till midnight

4. your always bigger if you take a small piece of the mainstream

5. Lead­ing radio DJ

5.1. Profile on TEDxRotterdam site

5.2. @giel3fm

5.3. giel.vara.nl

6. intro

6.1. future of radio

6.2. radio

6.2.1. all the stations are playing the same music over and over again the big stations

7. questions

7.1. what will the future be for DJ's with narrowcasting?

7.1.1. people want listen to same station big stations will be there for ever

7.1.2. music is still around other than newspapers people need musical guidance by DJ's radio is the future