TEDxRotterdam2011 Patrick Verwijmeren

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TEDxRotterdam2011 Patrick Verwijmeren by Mind Map: TEDxRotterdam2011 Patrick Verwijmeren

1. Leading finance expert

1.1. Profile on TEDxRotterdam site

2. emotional intelligence

2.1. understand

2.1.1. your own bias

2.1.2. bias of others

2.2. train traders more from the psychological side

2.3. come up with solutions that make everybody happy

3. stock market

3.1. hard to predict

3.2. lots and lots of research in finance

3.2.1. are we good at it now?

3.2.2. can we predict the stock market?

3.2.3. we made a game best professional traders competing against monkeys we usaly don't win...

3.3. why is it so hard?

3.3.1. the stock price has already been gone up before you got the good news

3.3.2. the price is always right the information is already in the price

3.4. are traders rational?

3.4.1. it seems that humans are not so rational people overreact

3.4.2. maybe then the market is not so rationale

3.4.3. there also emotion and irrationalty in there

3.5. example: Guess 2/3 of the average

3.5.1. this is also true to the stock market

4. emotional intelligence = the future of leadership