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TEDxRotterdam2011 Sander Veeneman by Mind Map: TEDxRotterdam2011
Sander Veeneman
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TEDxRotterdam2011 Sander Veeneman

further on



how are the chikderen doing out of the booklet

lisa, now 21 year, she still is there


spending by USA

lots more on war

then on aids protection in ambia


more profit to gain

turn it into vulnerability

published a booklet




cancelled al commercial jobs

sends the booklet to 25319 people

167 presidents

over 6000 ministers (all UN countries)


religious leaders

first reaction

10 downing street

Koffie Anan

talk on showing pictures

it was huge

lots of PR


release of Nelson mandella

wanted to photgraph him when he was in NL

no way, if arguments drop, no turn into maybe, maybe turns in to yes

took a photo of nelson

shot alot of photo's

travelled thru the world

i take pictures of beautifull children who will die in a few years

aids is about healthy people who become ill

Leading poverty campaigner

Profile on TEDxRotterdam site


wanted to be soccerplayer

like Piet Keizer

wall came down

world changes

became a photographer

make pictures of footbalplayers

beautifull girls

shot photo's in orphanage


right now.

speak with you heart and think with his minds

everyone can be a future leader, if you want