Online Formative Assessments

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Online Formative Assessments by Mind Map: Online Formative Assessments

1. Triventy

1.1. Make group and class quizzes and games.

2. Google Forms

2.1. Create Forms with Hyperlinks. Make Quizzes and reviews.

3. Plickers

3.1. Lets teachers collect assessment data without student devices.

4. Poll Everywhere

4.1. A real time polling app that works with your phone or internet browser.


5.1. Lets you assess students to measure understanding.

6. Nearpod

6.1. Lets you upload slideshow to teach students.

7. Classflow

7.1. Lets you build lessons with the content of your choice.

8. Formative

8.1. Lets you create lessons for students.

9. Classkick

9.1. Upload PDF to create lesson content.

10. Padlet

10.1. Collecting and Sharing Ideas.

11. Seesaw

11.1. Students show their work and can manipulate their work.

12. Recap

12.1. Lets students explain their thinking.

13. Kahoot

13.1. Quiz students on devices in the classroom to review or assess.

14. Quizzizz

14.1. Game and Quiz application.

15. Quizlet

15.1. Students can use flashcards to review and learn.

16. Quizalize

16.1. Play Class quiz games.

17. Sketch Party TV

17.1. A Pictionary Style game that lets students create and learn.

18. Moby Max

18.1. Can be used to assess students in all subjects.

19. Star 360

19.1. Students are assessed in Reading Math and Early Literacy.

20. Reflex Math

20.1. Students are assessed in Math in a way that feels like games.