Input & Output Devices

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Input & Output Devices by Mind Map: Input & Output Devices

1. Monitor

1.1. Benefits:display computer information

1.2. Challenges: all students might not be abel to see this screen from afar.

1.3. Application: basic computer use for viewing videos and DVD

2. Printers

2.1. Benefits: Allows students to print out documents that were created. Teachers can print worksheets and evaluation forms

2.2. Challenges: Can be costly to print digital photos and colored projects

2.3. Applications: assist teachers in printing color demonstrations and test papers.

3. Keyboards

3.1. Benefits: students become competent in keyboarding

3.2. Challenges: This devices is not appropriate for students who have difficulty using their arms and hands.

3.3. Applications: Students and teachers type commands and data into the computer. The data can be manipulated before printing.

4. Digital Camera

4.1. Benefits: capture pictures to use for projects and reports

4.2. Challenges: Student must be near the computer to upload the pictures. The camera sits near the computer in a cradel.

4.3. Applications: post digital photos for others to see, use for project enhancement.