Ai Automation Initiative - Projects

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Ai Automation Initiative - Projects by Mind Map: Ai Automation Initiative - Projects

1. Measures the temperature, humidity, air quality, rain, wind speed / direction

2. Target vs Actual

2.1. Fail rate

2.2. Cycle time

2.3. Reject ratio

2.4. Availability

2.5. Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE)

2.6. Rework

2.7. First Pass Yield

2.8. Machine Set Up Time

2.9. Downtime

2.10. Planned vs. Emergency Maintenance

2.11. Downtime in Proportion to Operating Time

2.12. Yield

3. Industrial

3.1. Building Management Systems

3.1.1. Monitoring Dashboard - Visualization of gathered data Data collected from the sensors is made visible in an easy to follow dashboard

3.1.2. Data Acquisition (DAQ) - Sensors Temperature Humidity Barometric Pressure Air Quality Water detection i.e.: Fuel level on the diesel backup power generator / Condensed water on compressed air piping Compressed Air Pressure Water Pressure Local Weather Station

3.1.3. Processed parts (Good / Bad)

3.1.4. Factory Automation / Mechanical Room Automation Skylight / rooftop windows - opening and closing System can be used in combination with HVAC Automation to cut the cost for cooling / heating / getting fresh air Automation for Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) Climate control - based on sensor data - the AC units are controlled in an automatic mode for On / Off (user interaction is to set the target temperature) Air handlers Boilers Heat exchangers Water heaters and Tanks Water pumps Main distribution piping and valves

3.2. Production KPIs Monitoring and Warning Systems (based on available data & additional acquisition systems)

3.2.1. Visual Management

3.2.2. Automated warning systems Automation for acoustic / visual signals / sending SMS, Mail - based on available data (i.e. downtime is higher than 30 minutes)

4. Smart Home

4.1. Chillers

4.2. Monitoring

4.2.1. Temperature

4.2.2. Humidity

4.2.3. Barometric Pressure

4.2.4. Light

4.2.5. Air Quality

4.2.6. Motion

4.2.7. Flood

4.2.8. Door / Window opening

4.2.9. Outside conditions (Local weather station)

4.2.10. Soil humidity

4.3. Home Automation (general)

4.3.1. Heating

4.3.2. Cooling

4.3.3. Blinds Control

4.3.4. Door Access

4.3.5. Gate Access

4.3.6. Lights

4.3.7. Power Sockets

4.3.8. Garden/Grass Watering

4.3.9. Water valve control

4.4. No movement since xx minutes but lights are on

4.5. Temperature dropped below / raised to xx

4.6. Lights profile based on movement and light intensity

4.7. Home Automation (features)

4.7.1. Warning System (Mail, SMS, acoustic, visual Flood No movement since xx minutes Air Quality is below defined parameters - Open window! Door was opened