Green boarding life

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Green boarding life by Mind Map: Green boarding life

1. Room

1.1. No AC

1.1.1. Reduce Carbon Footprint

1.2. Fluorescent Bulb instead of tungsten bulb

1.2.1. Carry out experiment to investigate the energy saved between the both

1.3. Shower instead of Bath

1.3.1. Save water

1.4. Water Flushing

1.4.1. Water can be used for irrigation

1.5. More windows can be installed

1.5.1. Sunlight directed to the room effectively for illumination instead of using lamp.

2. Personal

2.1. Stay in uk during half-term instead of flying back to our own countries

2.1.1. Reduce carbon footprint

2.2. Fully utilize the recycling bins

3. Environment

3.1. Plant more trees around Abingdon

3.2. Alternative Energy source

3.2.1. Solar panel

3.2.2. Wind Power ( wind turbine)

3.3. Rooftop garden

3.3.1. Reduce CO2