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Luis Osuna Operating Systems by Mind Map: Luis Osuna Operating
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Luis Osuna Operating Systems

Smartphone Operating Systems

iOS/ iPhone

Pros:, No 4g network, Many apps

Cons:, No flash compatability, Limited storage


Pros:, High power performance, Able to get devices with CDMA and GSM

Cons:, Harder to navigate through apps system, Fewer network options

Windows 7 Mobile

Pros:, Cloud integration, Superior hardware

Cons:, No multitasking

PC Operating Systems

Ubuntu 11.04

Pros:, Short installation time, Many user groups for technical support

Cons:, New upgrades, come with bugs, Unusual scrollbar

Windows 7

Pros:, High support for education/gaming/business softwares, Easy to navigate through toolbar and search options

Cons:, Takes longer to boot up, Easy to catch a virus

Mac OS X

Pros:, orks seamlessly with its native software and other apple devices, Great programs for artistic users

Cons:, Very costly, Insignificant support for gaming

Tablet Operating Systems


iPad2, Pros:, Dual core processor, HD IPS display screen, 11 hour battery life, Many thrid party accessories that will enhance user experience, Cons:, No usb ports or SD card reader, Price, Higher priced than most tablets


Pros:, Price, many manufactures, wide range of prices for different budgets, Many shapes, sizes, and performance levels

Cons:, Customization is too open, creates problems with unfinished apps or updates, 2


Pros:, Widely used, 90%+ of the market share

Cons:, Heavy OS bogs down the performance of the hardware, Small storage space

Dual Boot

Pros:, The option to choose from apps to software, Both entertainment and business inter graded

Cons:, Hard to track files, Time consuming booting between the two OS

Kindle Fire

Pros:, Amazon silk; split browser, Very affordable; Sold below cost

Cons:, Only sold through, The apps are limited

Netbook Operating Systems


Pros:, Open source; free, Lighter operating system; more efficient with hardware

Cons:, Not many devices out with chromium, Hard to access information when no network is available


Pros:, Easy to connect to peripherals, Widely used; business standard

Cons:, High system requirements, Hard to find drivers for 64 bit


Pros:, Free uprgrades, High stability

Cons:, Takes more hands on work to run, Peripherals may have compatibility issues



Pros:, Lots of storage, Backwards compatabilty

Cons:, Issues with wireless network, Pricier then most gaming systems


Pros:, Superior graphics, Intuitive games

Cons:, Costly for network gaming, Red ring of death


Pros:, Embraces movement sensitive gaming, User friendly

Cons:, Short battery life, Fewer game selection