Seven Habits of Successful Students

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Seven Habits of Successful Students by Mind Map: Seven Habits of Successful Students

1. Talk to professors

1.1. Question curiosities

1.2. Ask for advice if necessary

1.3. Learn empirically

2. Organization

2.1. Organize times in importance

2.1.1. More effective short-term goals

2.1.2. Good working methods

2.1.3. Study for the future

3. Social Support

3.1. Creating friendships

3.2. Working as a team

3.3. Knowing through them

4. Passion

4.1. Desire to be the best

4.1.1. Love your career

4.1.2. Be inspired by someone

4.1.3. Have a goal

5. Strategic & Resourceful

5.1. Stay ready and motivated

5.1.1. Don't stop for failures

5.1.2. Create scenarios

5.1.3. Visualize yourself in your plans

6. Committed

6.1. Stand firm no matter what

6.1.1. Leave negative things behind

6.1.2. Focus

7. Balance

7.1. Separate school from home

7.2. Stay healthy emotionally and physically

7.3. Improve in your weak points