Roro Jonggrang

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Roro Jonggrang by Mind Map: Roro Jonggrang

1. Complication

1.1. Next

1.1.1. 1# Not long afterwards, Bandung Bandawasa decided to marry Princess Roro Jonggrang., the daughter of his victim. But she had no desire to marry the murderer of her father, so she sought the advice of the Patih.

1.1.2. 2# The Patih made a wise suggestion. Bandung would have to build a thousand temples and two deep weels. If he managed to complete all this in the course of one night, he could marry the princess. Bandung knew two people possessing magic powers who promised to help him. one was his father, “Damarmaya”, and the other was mighty King of Pengging. A date was fixed and in the evening, Bandung’s followers began their giant construction job. Five hundred temples were completed by midnight.

1.1.3. 3# Roro Jonggrang sent a man to watch the progress of Bandung’s work and by four o’clock in the morning he saw that nine hundred and ninety five temples were already built and to deep wells nearly finished. The whole palace was filled with sadness, because the Princess would have to marry the man who had murdered her father.

1.1.4. 4# Again the Patih had an idea. He woke up all the young girls and ordered them to pond rice at once. When the workers heard the pounding of rice and smelt the flowers, which were the signs of dawn they stopped their work. Bandung Bandawasa was glad to see the temples before him and counted them himself. But to his surprise, there were only 999 temples.

2. Resolution

2.1. He soon learned the reason of his failure and became very angry. Roro JOnggrang herself was changed into a statue, which stands in the great inner hall of the largest temple and is now know as, “The Temple of Roro Jonggrang’.

3. Orientation

3.1. Item #1

3.1.1. Roro Jonggrang was the daughter of King Prabu Baka, who ruled over the ancient Javanese kingdom of Prambanan. The king was killed in a fierce battle by the minister of the King of Pengging, who fought with a magic weapon called ‘Bandung’. For this reason, he was known as ‘Bandung Bandawasa’.

4. Coda

4.1. never break your promise because it will hurt somebody