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Documentation tools by Mind Map: Documentation tools

1. Mind maps

1.1. an example showed not only for taking minuts

1.2. Notetaking

1.2.1. the flow of information

1.2.2. no nodes!!!!!!!,illogical

1.2.3. complex dependencies;can be showed by relation between nodes

1.2.4. improve;blind typeing

1.2.5. use keyboard shortcuts

1.3. Collecting requirements

1.3.1. Create sub nodes

1.3.2. hide contents

1.4. placing attributes such as teacher;database

1.5. data acquisition

1.6. conveninet way of presenation for stakeholder;representing results

1.7. brainstorming;generating ideas

1.8. personal task management system;seprating targets by weeks,days,keep targets during a whole week

1.9. make mind mapping balanced

2. Notes,notebooks

3. Aris and Business studio

4. Project management systems

4.1. what is happenings during tasks

4.2. Like our Trello

4.3. recordings