Elizabeth Elliot

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Elizabeth Elliot by Mind Map: Elizabeth Elliot

1. Charles Musgrove

1.1. Louisa Musgrove

1.1.1. Henrietta Musgrove

2. Sir Walter

3. Lady Elliot

4. Mary Musgrove

5. Anne Elliot

6. Mrs. Musgrove

6.1. Mr. Musgrove

7. High status, high class, wealth is her birthright. She is proud and vain of her high stature within society and has no empathy, instead a disdain, for lower classes.

8. The Elliot's have class, but not money. They are in debt.

9. Mr. Elliot is what Elizabeth wants and cannot have.

9.1. Elizabeth wants to make a suitable marriage because she is considered old, for being a single woman: "She was fully satisfied of being still quite as handsome as ever; but she felt the approach to the years of danger, and would have rejoiced to be certain of being properly solicited by baronet-blood within the next twelvemonth or two" (Austen 1147).

10. Elizabeth is beautiful and vain. She prizes her beauty as another one of her distinguished accomplishments.

11. She is Sir Walter's favorite daughter; he does not value Anne nor Mary, and neither does Elizabeth.

12. Her mother dies when Elizabeth is sixteen

12.1. "Three girls, the two eldest sixteen and fourteen, was an awful legacy for a mother to bequeath; an awful charge rather, to confide to the authority and guidance of a conceited, silly father" (Austen 1146).