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dementia by Mind Map: dementia

1. carers and doctors

1.1. how carers and doctors care for those with dementia

1.1.1. what is palliative life care

1.1.2. how does the use of drugs help the end of life process

1.1.3. what is the normal procedures for caring for people with dementia

1.2. how they help the family of the person with dementia

1.2.1. what benefits do they provide?

1.2.2. is healthcare expensive? how do they qualify for free health care

2. what is dementia?

2.1. is dementia genetic

2.1.1. if so - how?

2.1.2. if not - why not?

2.2. the different types of dementia

2.2.1. vascular dementia

2.2.2. Alzheimer's disease

2.3. bookcase example

3. progression of dementia

3.1. how dementia affects behaviour

3.1.1. what does it do the person?

3.1.2. how do they feel

3.2. 1 penny example

3.3. how dementia affects the livelihood of the person

3.3.1. loss of independence

3.3.2. affect on family life?

3.3.3. isolation

3.3.4. more emotional

3.3.5. stuck in the past (wobbly bookcase)

4. what causes dementia

4.1. symptoms

4.2. abnormal protein surrounds brain and another protein damages their internal structure

4.3. vascular dementia

4.3.1. what is it?

4.3.2. how is it caused?

4.4. Alzheimer's disease

4.5. dementia is caused when the brain is damaged by disease

5. why is there no cure?

5.1. brain is very complex

5.2. synthesis of drugs is very expensive

5.3. the nun example

5.3.1. how they delayed the onset of dementia by learning new things is this correct? does this actually work?

5.4. the articles in news about eating/doing certain things to stop onset of dementia

5.4.1. are these effective?

5.4.2. if aren't effective then why are they being published?