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1. Where is the restroom?

2. What is the manager like?

3. What time do I start /finish work?

4. What time is the coffee break?

5. What time is the lunch break?

6. Is the manager very strict?

7. Number of people in the department?

7.1. How many people work in this Department?

8. Start/Finish work?

8.1. What are the working hours?

9. Lunch?

9.1. How long do we have for lunch?

9.2. Is there a cafeteria in the building?

9.3. Is the office open on Saturdays?

9.4. Can we go out for lunch?

9.5. Is there a lunch menu in the cafeteria?

10. Coffee or tea breaks?

11. Photocopier?

11.1. How does the photocopier work?

11.2. How long is the coffee break?

11.3. Is there a photocopier in the department?

12. Key or security pass?

12.1. Do you have a key or a security pass?

13. Restroom?

14. Car park?

14.1. Is there a car park for employees?

14.2. Where is the car park?

15. Payment or salaries?

15.1. How much is the monthly salary?

15.2. When do I get paid?

15.2.1. Is the manager always in the office?

15.3. How much holiday time do I have /get?

15.4. Is there a bonus at the end of the year?

16. Manager