The Cognitive Process

Gustavo Robles Torres

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The Cognitive Process by Mind Map: The Cognitive Process

1. The integration of psychological theories of meaningful learning, conceptual fields and mental models, lead to the development cognitive conceptual of university students; that, related to its learning characteristics, allow observable results of the learning of scientific conceptualization.

2. Types of habits and cognitive abilities

2.1. Habits and study skills

2.2. Habits and understanding skills reader

2.3. Habits and conceptual mapping skills

2.4. Habits and problem solving skills convergent

2.5. Habits and Creative thinking skills.

3. These habits and abilities do not properly constitute the cognition, but rather learned performances that allow the individual to perform an efficient activity of acquisition, processing, storage and retrieval of information.

4. They allow knowledge and interaction with what surrounds us. They include memory, language, perception, thought and attention (among others).

5. The university should not limit itself to the scientific and technical education of the students, but should go further, towards the development of skills, abilities and skills for cognitive development and student's staff.

5.1. Program of Development of Habits and Cognitive Abilities.

5.1.1. Develop in the university student certain skills and attitudes that allow him to successfully carry out his academic task, not only during his student stage, but, as much as possible, also during his professional performance.