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Torts by Mind Map: Torts

1. Negligence

1.1. Duty

1.1.1. The Reasonable Person Mental Abilities Insanity L Religion Physical Abilities Too Young

1.1.2. Special relationships owed

1.1.3. Undertakings Failure to use Reasonable Care L Reliance + Abandonment L

1.1.4. Creation of Risk Incitement Liable to rescue or not block aid

1.2. Breach

1.2.1. Learned Hand/BPL

1.2.2. Custom Medical "national standard"

1.2.3. Negligence Per Se

1.2.4. Res Ipsa Loquitur

1.3. Causation

1.3.1. Actual Cause <50% probability Loss of a Chance Unknown Identity Alternative Liability Market Share Multiple Sufficient Causes Concurrent Subsequent Uninformed Consent

1.3.2. Proximate Cause Foreseeable TYPE of Harm Not Coincidental Harm within the Risk Eggshell Subsequent to Actual Cause Rescuer's injuries L Medical Treatment L Intervening/Superseding Cause Highly Wrongful/Intentional

1.4. Damage

1.5. Defenses

1.5.1. Assumption of Risk Express Tunkl Rescues - only rash or reckless Primary Professionals Secondary

2. Intentional

2.1. Trespass

2.1.1. Mistake - L

2.1.2. Fraud ?

2.2. Affirmative Defenses

2.2.1. consent

2.2.2. Self Defense

2.2.3. Necessity Private Public

3. Strict Liability

3.1. Animals

3.1.1. Exotic SL

3.1.2. Domestic Neg

3.2. Abnormally Dangerous Activities

3.3. Products Liability

3.3.1. Failure to Warn ≠ SL

3.3.2. Design Defect ≠ SL

3.3.3. SL for Retailer

3.3.4. Manufacturer SLish