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Scotland by Mind Map: Scotland

1. Scotland doesn't independent country and nation. It's a part of UK.

2. Alba is both the ancient and the modern Gaelic name for Scotland

3. Scotland has a temperate oceanic climate, milder than might be excepted from its latetude.

4. Rober the Bruce

5. In 1306, Robert the Bruce, whode grandfather had been Baliol's rival for the succession in 1290, seized the throne. The Bruce began his did to free the Scottish Kingdom fron English control. In 1327, Robert vowed to renew hospitalies unless England scknowledged Scotland's independence.

6. Oliver Cromwell

7. The currency of Scotland

8. Scots Law

9. Kinds of Sports

10. Scots law is uncodified, that is, it is not systematically arranged into a codex.

11. Scotland retained its unique legal system

12. The pound sterling

13. Enflish government controlled the Scottish government.

14. The Act of Union of 1707

15. Scotland became an English province.

16. Protestant country

17. The Scottish Parliament outlawed the Mass, denied the authority of the pope and made Scotland into a Protestant country. Mary, Queen of Scots, daughter of James V and Mary of Guise, had married the French Dauphin, Francis, in 1558, briefly becoming Queen of France in 1559. The crisis of 1559-1560 left her as Scotland's queen. She was 18 years old, and absentee, and a Roman Catholic.

18. Shinty

19. Golf

20. Otstanding literary figures of Scotland

21. Robert Burns

22. Walter Scott

23. Ian Rankin

24. Highland Games

25. Arthur Ignatius Conan Doyle

26. Willam Wallace

27. In 1927, the angry Scots rebelled against Edward's authority. The leader of one revolt, William Wallace, decisively defeated the English as Stirling.

28. Votadini tribe was the first Roman recorded.

29. Roman built Hadrian's Wall, which stretched between the Tyne and the Solway Firth

30. The name "Alba" first appear in 843. The resulting unified Scottish|Pictisch Kingdom became know as Alba.

31. From the late 1000's onwards, Scotland gradually lost it's maily Celtic Charter

32. The national flag of Scotland features a white saltire, (X-shaped cross) representing the cross of the Christian martyr Saint Andrew, Scotland's patron saint on a blue field.

33. Scottish flag is one of the oldest flags in the world.

34. coprises the northern third of the island of GB; country consist of a mainland area plus several islands groups

35. The majority of the Scottisch population lives in the Central Belt