My Life Vision

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My Life Vision by Mind Map: My Life Vision

1. Spirituality

1.1. Praying More

1.2. Attending Church

1.3. Work with my pastor to cut soul ties

1.4. Practicing LOA and manifesting

2. Love

2.1. Happily married to the man I have manifested and love and meets ALL of my requirements

2.1.1. We have: Great communication and talk openly and honestly about everything Amazing passionate connected sex Mutual shared values and goals Mutual respect for each other Faithful and committed to each other both committed to our family unit coming before ANYTHING else

3. Health

3.1. No issues with my Endometriosis

3.1.1. Fertility

3.2. Healthy Diet

3.2.1. Eat small amounts of meat

3.3. Very physically active and in shape

3.4. Visian Eye Surgery, or whatever the new safest eye surgery to see without glasses/contacts

3.5. Clear blemish free skin

4. Finances

4.1. while employed make at least $75,000 a year

4.1.1. go from my Entry Level Software Developer job to a Senior Developer

4.2. Once self employed make no less than $10k a month

4.3. Be completely financially independent and able to provide ALL my family's needs AND wants

4.4. Completely Debt Free

4.5. Invest in several successful stocks in mine and Cameron name

4.5.1. Teach Cam passive income and entrepreneurship at a young age Continue investing in his CD and increasing the amount I deposit weekly

5. Family

5.1. Establish sole legal custody of my son Cameron

5.2. Strong and close knit relationship with my parents and sister

5.3. NO more children out of wedlock

5.4. Have 3 healthy beautiful children

6. Work

6.1. Using my full time job to build my own business on the side

6.1.1. Earn at least $10k a month as an entrepreneur

6.1.2. Have multiple streams of passive income

6.1.3. Build Seven1 Designs to my full time

6.2. Successful career as a software developer

6.2.1. No longer an employee by 2021

7. Personal Growth

7.1. Have set boundaries to how I will be treated

7.2. Cut ties with anybody that comprises my happiness, growth, or peace of mind

7.3. Demand more from myself and everyone around me

7.4. Forgiven myself for my past, and forgiven those that have hurt me

7.4.1. Forgiven my son's dad for the horrible things he put me through- and DO NOT care or feel or have any involvement with him

7.5. Healed from my sexual and emotional issues

8. Home

8.1. Safety

8.2. Comfort

8.3. My own starter home for Cameron and I in Northeast Columbia, SC by mid 2019

8.3.1. 3 bedroom, 2 bath, garage, covered porch, fenced in backyard, open kitchen, great location to my parents, and under $130k

8.4. Positive environment with no bad neighbors

8.5. My own affordable sanctuary out of my parents house