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MDI by Mind Map: MDI

1. Avery

1.1. Desire/Want

1.1.1. FAQ Interactive MINDMAP

1.1.2. SEO Social Media Facebook Map Twitter

1.2. Obstacle/Frustration

1.2.1. Content Creation Pages Automation

2. Website

2.1. Improvements

2.1.1. Singular Code Blocks The Arrow Icon means you can click on it and it it will take you to an external link.

2.1.2. Button Highlighted Home Default

2.2. Successes

2.2.1. Members

2.2.2. Search Engine Music that Pays On Page #2 for "music distribution" Music Distribution Inc on page 4 Paid Advertising Want your music distributed today? Call 866-207-5893 Submit your music through CD Baby or Reverb and not getting the results you want? Sell more albums with us because we promote you! Get paid more by calling 866-207-5893 today!

2.3. Team

2.3.1. Wilfredo

3. Promotion

3.1. Businesses

3.1.1. Contracts Possible Barnes & Nobles

3.2. Magazine

3.2.1. Creation Newspaper Boxes $25 per Copy Outside

4. Value

4.1. Eric Hans Schaefer

4.1.1. Gifts Forms Maps

4.1.2. Proposal $10,000 & 5% of the Company to Oversee the Online Communications and Promotions Video Email Social Media All Debt Owed Released + Albums Creation of the Mindmap