American Nightmare

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American Nightmare by Mind Map: American Nightmare

1. The opposite of the American Dream

1.1. It is a difficult and dangerous way to the American Dream. At any time, the dream can turn into a nightmare. Every new step can change your future.

2. Problems

2.1. racist society

2.2. not everybody is allowed to live in America

2.3. not enough work

2.4. education is expensive

2.5. growing gap between rich and poor

3. Examples

3.1. People from Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala are not welcome in America

3.1.1. dream of having a better life

3.1.2. Trump is against the immigrants

3.2. September 11, 2001

3.2.1. Terrorist attack

3.2.2. over 3.000 people died

3.2.3. tragic nightmare

3.3. Willy Loman from the book "Death of a Salesman"

3.3.1. fails in realizing his American Dream