Multiple Intelligences

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Multiple Intelligences by Mind Map: Multiple Intelligences

1. Interpersonal Intelligence

1.1. Having a connection and understanding where other people are coming from.

2. Intrapersonal Intelligence

2.1. Knowing oneself.

3. Naturalist Intelligence

3.1. Having a deep understanding of the natural characteristics that surround us.

4. Spatial Intelligence

4.1. This intelligence is often linked to visual thinking.

5. Bodily/Kinesthetic Intelligence

5.1. Using different parts of the body (hands, arms, legs) to make a production (theater performers, athletes).

6. Musical Rhythmic Intelligence

6.1. The ability to compute ideas and thoughts in a musical framework.

7. Logical/Mathematical Intelligence

7.1. The ability to use rules from a system and apply them to solve problems within the systems' framework.

8. Linguistic Intelligence

8.1. Communication with the use of language in order to communicate a thought or idea.