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Chapter 9 by Mind Map: Chapter 9

1. government and society

1.1. Society was still based upon rank

1.1.1. lords dukes and earls knights those whose income was higher than 20 became knights

1.1.2. landed gentry

1.1.3. ordinary freeman controled the life of a town

1.1.4. town merchants

1.1.5. poor who didnt have enought money to join guilds formed a trade union they were skilled workers

1.2. divided parlament

1.2.1. lords

1.2.2. commons

1.2.3. both do justice and peace

2. condition of a women

2.1. the main duty is only about giving a birth to children

2.2. life improved after husband's death

2.3. being a wife of a noble

2.3.1. was in charge of the manor and the village lands

2.3.2. had to defend the manor when it was attacked

3. language and culture

3.1. literacy was spreading

3.2. more people began to read and write

3.3. religious festivals

3.4. printing was now available

3.5. language changed a lot

3.6. Aware of its Englishness

3.7. Rebirth of English literature

3.8. grammar schools appeared