Reading Within History and Social Studies

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Reading Within History and Social Studies by Mind Map: Reading Within History and Social Studies

1. "Disciplinary literacy is grounded in inquiry and emphasizes how students use the knowledge they are learning as a tool to participate in work within that discipline."

2. You need to provide students with a wide variety of texts with different lengths and challenges with different sources as well.

2.1. History and Social Studies text will be challenging because of the obsolete words and unfamiliar terms and global context.

3. Close Reading

3.1. Understanding how perspective may alter history

3.2. Understand that context of a primary source document may change its meaning

4. How can we read?

4.1. You can compare and contrast events and historical documents

4.2. Use the context of the text in order to determine meanings of words

4.3. Use background knowledge in order to understand the text

4.4. Determine whether or not primary or secondary sources are bias

4.5. Think sequentially in order to piece together timelines

4.6. Use your knowledge and understandings of the present in order to understand the past and future within history