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Rivalry by Mind Map: Rivalry

1. Threat of New Entrants (Low/ Neutral)

1.1. Capital requirements are very high

1.2. Good quality / price ratio is preferred for the customers

1.3. High knowledge required for entering

2. Threat of Substitute Product (Neutral)

2.1. Slight differentiation in SMC in compare to competitors

2.2. Switching costs for customers are low

2.3. Long-term collaboration with customers, good customer relationships

3. Bargaining Power of Buyers (Low/ Neutral)

3.1. There are a lot of car manufacturers

3.2. Switching as a buyer might bring unexpected quality changes

3.3. No backward vertical integration

4. Bargaining Power of Suppliers (Low)

4.1. No big difference in products of the suppliers

4.2. Easy to switch to another supplier

4.3. No forward vertical integration from suppliers

5. A lot of big firms in the industry

6. Differentiation is minimal