Perth Airport Energy Solution By EnergyX

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Perth Airport Energy Solution By EnergyX by Mind Map: Perth Airport Energy Solution By EnergyX

1. Problem Defination

1.1. We are mainly focused on Energy audit for PERTH AIRPORT. Our task is to improve the energy efficiency of the whole premises.

2. Team Profile

2.1. Mr. Sagar KC - Electrical Engineer

2.2. Mr Akhilesh Ratti - Mechanical Engineer

3. Team Rules

3.1. Must attend team meetings

3.2. Must complete task on time

3.3. Team must be willing to share the resources

3.4. Effective communication

3.5. Team must be consistent, united and enthusiastic

4. Task Allocation

4.1. Sagar - Managing the whole project

4.2. Joshua - Crunching the number

4.3. Akhil - Designing energy system

5. Timeline

5.1. Gantt chart

5.2. Small milestones

5.3. Top down process

6. Proposal of Project Activities

6.1. Energy audit for the site

6.2. To design a system with a higher renewable fraction.

6.3. To produce energy at an efficient cost.

6.4. Produce a system that is cost-effective with small Net present cost and Operational and maintenance cost.