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Biodiversity by Mind Map: Biodiversity

1. Vertebrates and Invertebrates

2. Mammals, birds, reptiles, fish, amphibians

3. Mammals: breast feed, don’t lay eggs(except for pladapuses), warm blooded, have hair of fur

4. Fish: breath through gills, no limbs, live underwater, Cold blooded

5. Amphibians: live on land and under water, lay eggs, cold blooded

6. Biggest vertebrate: blue whale

7. Invertebrates: don’t have a spine/ backbone, anthropoids,

8. Smallest vertebrate: paedophryne frog

9. Threats: pollution(soil, water, air), invasive exotic species, agriculture practices, climate change, habitat loss

10. Biotic: living

11. Abiotic: non living

12. Interactions: animals eat other animals and keep the population stable(equilibrium), animals also eat plants, plants get energy from water and the sun,

13. Consumer, producers, predators, prey, energy pyramid

14. Birds: have feathers, lay eggs, warm blooded

15. Vertebrates: mammals, birds, amphibians, fish, reptiles, cold blooded and warm blooded, Tend to be smarter than invertebrates

16. Reptiles: have dry scaly skin, lay eggs, cold blooded