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Biodiversity by Mind Map: Biodiversity

1. There is different groups to classify them into. Ex, Invertebrate and Vertebrate.

2. There can be Biodiversity for animals, humans, disease(etc.)

3. There are also threats to Biodiversity such as pollution, habitat loss, exotic invasive species, overfishing and more like even agriculture because the farmers use pesticides which harms animals and us because if we eat the food there still might be pesticide on it.

4. Biodiversity in a way can mean life because it is like a community of living things.

5. There are amphibians, mammals, birds and reptiles.

6. Abiotic and Biotic can classify because biotic means living and abiotic is non living.

7. It's important to not harm biodiversity or else we might not have it anymore and the species might be extinct.

8. The definition of mammals is when an animal does not lay eggs, breast feeds, and is warm blooded.

9. Biodiversity is basically a community for living things. It is also like many different living things helping to sustain each other.

10. Biodiversity can be in the ocean too. For example fish sustain sharks, coral supports fish, microscopic shrimp supports whales.

11. Biodiversity has 3 levels that scientists like to classify them into genetic biodiversity, specie biodiversity and ecosystem biodiversity.

12. When you cut down a tree, it takes away habitat for birds, takes away food from squirrels, takes down air (oxygen) and the leftover remains will just be scattered everywhere. If you cut down even 1 tree it is bad.