Greek Philosophy

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Greek Philosophy by Mind Map: Greek Philosophy

1. Social

1.1. Schools

1.2. Opened philosophy schools

1.3. Caused people to question their purpose

2. Political

2.1. organization

2.2. Justice

2.2.1. -the concepts used to interpret and organize political life such as justice and equality, the relation between the aims of ethics and the nature of politics, and the relative merits of different constitutional arrangements or regimes

3. -Roman forms of philosophical adaptation, offered new frameworks for construing politics from a philosophical point of view.

4. Intellectual

4.1. Athens

4.1.1. plato Believed that there were two different worlds, one world was just the spirit of things and the other is the actual where it’s a perfect world basically

4.1.2. Aristotle Believed that the ultimate goal in life is happiness All three Philosopher left marks for the people and help us now think through certain things

4.1.3. Socrates Asked questions that the government did not want people to think about, accused of “Corrupting the youth”, punishment was death

5. Relgion

5.1. Norminalism

5.1.1. -It held, in contrast to Nominalism, that things such as "green" and "big" were known as universals, which had a real existence in an abstract realm, as described by Plato.

5.2. Gods

5.2.1. -The Aristotelian view of God grew from these Platonic roots, arguing that God was the Infinite, or the Unmoved mover.