Telephone Operators

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Telephone Operators by Mind Map: Telephone Operators

1. taking orders

1.1. logging in

1.2. searching for customer profile

1.3. adding new customer

1.4. looking up purchase history for reorder

1.5. starting new order

1.6. looking up product information

1.7. selecting all details (color, size, etc)

1.8. providing information on product availability

1.9. upselling and cross-selling

1.10. specifying payment method

1.10.1. applying discount codes

1.11. specifying shipping options

1.12. explaining policies (i.e.: returns/exchanges)

1.13. reviewing and confirming orders

1.13.1. submitting orders

2. providing qualilty customer service

2.1. answering calls using appropriate greeting

2.2. maintaining appropriate phone etiquette using DDD approved methods

2.3. answering customer questions

2.4. following all DDD policies and procedures

2.5. explaining policies (i.e.: returns/exchanges)

2.6. handling difficult customers

2.7. escalate calls to supervisors

2.8. assisting customers with order tracking

2.9. closing the call with appropriate language

2.10. supplying catalog to customer

3. modifying orders

3.1. explaining polices about order changes

3.2. changing shipping

3.3. changing payment

3.4. applying discounts

3.5. canceling order

3.6. handling returns

3.7. handling exchanges

3.8. escalating call to supervisor

4. Maintaining Customer Information

4.1. Importance of Customer Relationship Management

4.1.1. Enhanced Contact Management

4.1.2. Cross-team Collaboration

4.1.3. Heightened Productivity

4.1.4. Empowered Sales Management

4.1.5. Accurate Sales Forecasting

4.1.6. Reliable Reporting

4.1.7. Improved Sales Metrics

4.1.8. Increased Customer Satisfaction and Retention

4.1.9. Boosted Marketing ROI

4.1.10. Enriched Products and Services

4.2. Accessing Existing Customer Information

4.2.1. Locate the Customer Profile Tab

4.3. Updating Existing Customer Information

4.3.1. Edit Primary Shipping Information

4.3.2. Edit Primary Billing Information

4.3.3. Look Up Purchase History

4.3.4. Account Number or Code Word Access

4.3.5. Reset a Password

4.3.6. Self-service options to reset customer's password to access profile information and make updates.

4.4. Adding New Customer

4.4.1. Add New Customer Information

4.4.2. Add Primary Shipping Information

4.4.3. Add Primary Billing Information

4.4.4. Provide the customer with an Account Number or Code Word

4.4.5. Direct a customer to self-service options to update their profile.

5. answering product information questions

5.1. looking up product information

5.2. advising customers on purchases

5.3. upselling and cross-selling

5.4. supplying catalog to customers

5.5. using FAQs

5.6. Apply proper Phone Etiquette

6. Maintaining Job Proficiency

6.1. Attend All Announced Training Sessions

6.1.1. Get product and procedure updates

6.1.2. Skills and Proficiencies

6.1.3. Ethics and Integrity

6.1.4. Job Knowledge

6.1.5. Conscientiousness

6.1.6. Commitment

6.2. Demonstrating Use of DDD Policies

6.2.1. Commitment

6.2.2. Be Culturally Aware

6.2.3. Be Respectful and Open-Minded

6.3. Address Concerns/Questions with Supervisor

6.3.1. Speak Up and Report