Action Plan: Outdoor Field Trip for Grade 2/3 Class By: Sophie Ford

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Action Plan: Outdoor Field Trip for Grade 2/3 Class By: Sophie Ford by Mind Map: Action Plan: Outdoor Field Trip for Grade 2/3 Class By: Sophie Ford

1. Student with ADHD and Violent Tendancies

1.1. How to Ensure Safety

1.1.1. Ensure that the behaviour and safety plan is brought with teacher on field trip. Other teachers, parent volunteers and E.A's should all understand portions of the behaviour plan.

1.1.2. Student triggers should be understood and mapped out prior to field trip. Triggers can be anything from too many layers of clothing or feeling their answers are not being heard during discussion. Teachers need to take preventative measures to foresee possible scenarios. Eyes should always be on this student.

1.1.3. Have a one on one conversation with student. Dialogue would sound like: " James, I am excited to be going on this field trip tomorrow with you and your classmates. As a reminder, I need you to be making some good choices in order for you and everyone to have fun. If you become frustrated or feel like you need a cool off, please come see me so we can work through it together."

1.2. How to Ensure Inclusivity

1.2.1. Pair student with another peer who they get along with but is also a good example. This will allow the student to behave but also feel included and have fun.

1.2.2. Encourage student when necessary. If student becomes frustrated or disengaged. Use positive reinforcement and give praise if deserved.

1.2.3. Participate in all or most activities to model student positive behaviour and to show that anyone can have fun and enjoy the field trip.

2. Student with Physical Disability (Wheelchair)

2.1. How to Ensure Safety

2.1.1. Ensure outdoor area has ramps and is wheelchair accessible.

2.1.2. Ensure that the bus for transportation allows for wheelchairs to come inside.

2.1.3. Make sure that the small and large group activities are safe and can include student with physical disabilities in most. High ropes may not be an option, but teacher can ask if there is another obstacle course student can do with a buddy during this time.

2.2. How to Ensure Inclusivity

2.2.1. Encourage student to participate in as many activities as possible. Help Field Trip Instructors to modify small group activities to include student or many some accommodations if needed.

2.2.2. Allow student to be paired with like minded peers who are respectful and will be patient with student. Encourage student to pair up with these students during leadership activities throughout the day.

2.2.3. Prior to coming on field trip, ask facilitators for any other activities that student may participate in while students engage in more active activities.

3. Whole Class

3.1. Prior to Field Trip

3.1.1. Go over Field Trip Rules. For example, do not talk to strangers and do not wander away from the group.

3.1.2. Bus etiquette: Ensuring that students understand that they are to be seated with their legs out of the walkway. No hands or objects out the window.

3.1.3. Ensure students will be wearing appropriate clothing: comfortable clothes, backpack and running shoes. They will needs to bring sweater in case if cools off outdoors.

3.2. During Field Trip

3.2.1. Ensure students understand the ' Buddy System' and that they need to ask permission to go to bathroom.

3.2.2. Encourage all students to participate in all outdoor activities. However, if they do not feel comfortable they are not forced to do everything. They should try as much as possible and attempt to step out of their comfort zone.