The 7 vector of development.

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The 7 vector of development. by Mind Map: The 7 vector of development.

1. Ares of growth in life

2. Developing Competence. Intellectual.

2.1. More then mastering class content.

2.1.1. Developing cognitive skill.

3. Managing Emotion

3.1. Being aware of them, acknowledge them, and express them appropriately.

4. Developing Autonomy.

4.1. Taking care of oneself.

4.1.1. Students must learn to operate on their own, and take responsibility for themselves. Emotional independence means the ability of a student to willingly risk relationships.

5. Developing interpersonal relationships.

5.1. This requires the ability to be intimate and the ability to accept and celebrate unique differences.

6. Establishment of identity

6.1. Establish an answer to " Who I am."

6.1.1. Tends to feel urgent college during years. Ultimately, the formation of one's identity leads to a sense of contentment with one's self and how that self is seen by others.

7. Developing Purpose.

7.1. Looking for the meaning of your life.

7.1.1. Understanding your larger, more meaningful purpose within the world. The ability to focus many different goals towards a larger. and more meaning purpose.

8. Establishing Integrity

8.1. Acting in a way that is consistent with your values, purposes, and identity.