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Create a plan for figuring out what, if any, new types of videos we should offer by Mind Map: Create a plan for figuring out what, if any, new
types of videos we should offer
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Create a plan for figuring out what, if any, new types of videos we should offer

Decide whether we want to focus on these new types of videos, or just add some

Types of Videos



one character versus newbs

arena team versus newbs, Gladiator takes his arena team with him and pwns towns of people


All class v class, play worse players to show how to beat other specs you shouldn't be able to beat.

User submitted

Gladiator takes these videos and crtiques them

Gladiator uses camtasia to record themselves watching a user submitted video, Takes almost no time for the gladiator to make, Use your mouse to point with

Needs development of a new uploader

Not only arena videos, also must do user submitted for battleground and duels


Webcam video on videos

Get a video from a top name and use editing to create very professional videos

Use in house editing

Pay less for the video + commentary

How do we do it

Create sample videos for each type

Research similiar markets

Look at videos from other markets, Youtube, WCM, Arena Junkies

Get a feel for which types of videos are most popular based on the other markets, A report that compares different types of videos on these three platforms and gives an analysis of why one video type is more popular than another, Same video types from the same author and the videos have the same marketing, which types do better, Other analysis

Talk with non members

Discussion, one on one, or in a group, Initially talk with non members and ask them what types of videos they would most like to see, Enough people until we get 20 useful responses, Randomly from city on pvp server, Randomly from city on nonpvp server, Create new sample types of content, Talk with non members after they have watched a sample video for a new type of content, Get their feedback, Rating, Would they pay, How do we incentivize, Try with lots of gold

Three videos of different types

Ask people to watch three videos and say which one is their favority

no biases on class etc

Put the new types of videos on youtube

Test them by asking people to comment on the videos

Test them by seeing how many views the videos get

points to identify

What do people like

What are people willing to pay for

Videos we need made

Domination Videos

Video where someone says EVERY SINGLE THING that they are doing, annoyingly.

A lot of sample videos broken up into 3 or 4 minute chunks

Used during a conversation with someone so we can get their feedback.

How we get feedback

Ads to get new people to come look at videos

Video text "Skill Capped is trying to improve the quality of it's instructional videos, click here to watch a free instructinal pvp video and give us feedback"

Goes to a page where we have a video and we just request feedback on that video., Allow someone to watch a video and then submit data., javascript that fills in a submit field on the actual duration of the video they watched., Please contact us ok skype we would really love to talk more about your thoughts., maybe plan a time that we are having an open conversation and they could join, Skype, Gotomeeting, Custom solution, or a chatroom app that already exists, We are paying $10 dollars on paypal to meet with us and talk with us about your world of warcraft experience, email us at ...

We can also give out the "watch a video and give us feedback links" in game

Get people from battlegrounds to talk with us in person

so give out an in game message in the battleground that's something like, Skill capped (validity statement) has millions of players and is trying to improve it's content. We need your help and want to talk to people over skype to understand how we can optimize our instructional videos. We are giving your choice of in game pet from the petstore or $10 dollars over paypal to talk with us on skype., Lots of ways we could phrase this better

Watch a free video from "thorrior" who is one of the best players in the world dominate other players in a bg including plenty of 2v1 and 3v1 encounters. We just want your freedback on the video, go here (x) to watch the video and give us your feedback. No strings attached.

Be careful about

We don't want to get feedback that is biased, only certain people are going to want in game pets, Older people may not want $10 dollars as much as younger people

get feedback from cities and other more random places

target pve people

use same strategies as with battlegrounds

Use ads or ingame to say we are doing market research for world of warcraft and are incentivizing any feedback we get.

On a site other than skill capped buy a site like

Not affiliate with skill capped

Try to get feedback about wow

What will we want.

Ask random questions, Get demographic information, Find out where they get pvp information, Find our how much time they spend playing wow

Important things to keep track of for feedback

Need demographics to make sure we are getting quazi randmo

Arena team name if present

highest arena rating

percent time spent pvp,

percent time spent pve

percentage of gear that is epic

character name if possible

Have they heard of skill capped before or not, way more important for us to get people that haven't heard of us, hearing about us creates a large bias already.


100 interviews+

Budget of 2k

Interviews have to be recorded


$10 in pet per interview

$10 per interview for paypal

1/100 chance to win a ipad, or ipod, or whatever

Starcraft II


Probably non wow thing though, razer naga, something apple