What do you know about mobility

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What do you know about mobility by Mind Map: What do you know about mobility

1. Through art / design?

1.1. Researches about cultural mobility

1.1.1. Arts Move Adrica : Mobility & Touring in central Africa

1.1.2. Working group of EU members states experts on artists' residencies

1.2. Funding opportunities of art mobility

1.2.1. The fund-finder

1.2.2. Green art lab alliance

1.3. The Mobility Design Lab group

1.3.1. Asset protection on metro rails project

1.3.2. Bus ridership experience project

1.3.3. An autonomous driverless public transport project

1.3.4. Motorcycle evolution project

2. Through literature?

2.1. Project MUSE

2.2. Mobility in writing

2.3. When occidental literature meets oriental literature

2.3.1. Hindouism in Occidental literature

2.3.2. Literature differences between cultures

2.3.3. Borders and Beyond : Orient-Occident crossings in literature

3. Through philosophy?

3.1. Have a walk to free your mind

3.1.1. Frederic Gros' best seller

3.1.2. Socrates and the peripatetic school

3.2. Philosophy of motion

3.2.1. In pictures

3.2.2. James Maffie, Aztec Philosophy: Understanding a World in Motion

3.2.3. Theories of space and motion

3.3. Change in philosophy

3.3.1. Buddhism's Dharma concept

3.3.2. Change and inconsistency

3.3.3. René Descartes' Science of movement

4. Through psychology?

4.1. The psychology of Mobility

4.1.1. The effects of culture on psychological mobility

4.1.2. Eponym book

4.1.3. Psychological mobility and career succes

4.2. Social mobility

4.2.1. Intergenerational mobility

4.2.2. 30 economic facts about social mobility

4.2.3. Is social mobility dead ?

5. Through biology ?

5.1. Movement and locomotion

5.2. Atoms mobility

5.2.1. Ion mobility

5.2.2. Atoms in motion

5.3. Overview of biological motion