Personal Learning Network (How I discover Information)

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Personal Learning Network (How I discover Information) by Mind Map: Personal Learning Network (How I discover Information)

1. UNI

1.1. Professors

1.1.1. Keep a good friendship with your Professors and reach out to them in your time of need.

1.2. Classes

1.2.1. Update your planner daily with due dates and specific dates for free training.

1.3. Field Experience

1.3.1. Take as many notes as possible! You are getting real life experience and opportunities!

2. Social Media

2.1. Facebook

2.1.1. Reach out to fellow teachers/former Professors and ask questions!

2.2. Twitter

2.2.1. Get involved with chats and tweet about events and meetings near you!

2.3. Pinterest

2.3.1. Create Boards aimed toward teachers!

3. Online

3.1. Lynda

3.1.1. Learn Ideas and gain inspiration!

3.2. Blogs/ Vlogs

3.2.1. Research teacher blogs and follow/ comment on them! Great source of information.

3.3. Ted Talks

3.3.1. Start your day off by listening to a podcast and become educated even after you have received your degree!

4. People

4.1. Family

4.1.1. Gain support and encouragement from family members!

4.2. Friends

4.2.1. Talk about future goals and set up a plan on what kind of ideas you have!

5. Books

5.1. Librarians

5.1.1. Ask your schools librarian for suggestions on local books for new teachers.

5.2. Julia G. Thompson

5.2.1. Read her book "First Year Teacher’s Survival Kit" and take notes. Highly rated online!