FEA Strategic partner alliance

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FEA Strategic partner alliance by Mind Map: FEA Strategic partner alliance

1. 1 resource (Expert) outsourced along with Workstation doing work in Verolt Office

2. 6-8 yrs exp in Non Linear FEA for Automotive Plastic domain

3. SME who will verifying & Validating the Incoming Tasks and outgoing deliverable- Vivek

4. Prassana can be alternative as he has worked in similar domain

5. Yoga will do the communication with Tony and Switch customers as well as Project Management

6. Need to have clarity about volume of FEA work so that engagement with FEA resource will cost effective??

7. Rate per hour with Inhouse external resource to be evaluated and finalized

8. Backup data storage capability to be discussed and finalized

9. strategy for getting FEA queries clarified from customer

10. FEA work review and release to customer mechanism to be established

11. Material Data Library critical

12. understanding DVP critical for doing any sort of analysis----> hence communication with Tony ( Switch Expert ) and Customer is very critical

13. Communication tool - Skype, Phone, Etc?