Katiana Smartphones

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Katiana Smartphones by Mind Map: Katiana Smartphones

1. Smartphone Operating Systems

1.1. iOS/ iPhone

1.1.1. Pros: iOS 5 incorporates many great features for users of iPhones and other mobile devices. Since the legalization of jail-breaking, more than 18 billion apps have been downloaded.

1.1.2. Cons: Downside to jail-breaking is that performing a similar hack on videogame consoles remains illegal. Claimed that jail-breaking would destroy Apple’s business strategy.

1.2. Windows 7 Mobile

1.2.1. Pros Brand new architecture Cloud Integration

1.2.2. Cons Not many apps to start with No Copy & Paste

1.2.3. http://tinyurl.com/2w5f7bh

1.3. Android

1.3.1. Pros: Operating arrangement and with a fun user interface. Android users can use many Google features very well.

1.3.2. Cons: Further, app navigation controls are inconsistent every manufacturer has its own "flavor," or skin added to the device.

1.3.3. http://tinyurl.com/3b5lscv

1.4. Ice Cream Sandwich

1.4.1. Pros Google's turn-by-turn voice navigation Ice Cream Sandwich ups the ante by making widgets resizeable.

1.4.2. Cons Google Music is one big cloud feature, but as we mentioned above, it's still too rough around the edges to really be a killer feature. The app tray isn't front and centre, the menu system can add a layer of complexity

1.4.3. http://tinyurl.com/3wkkcea

2. Smartphone Browsers

3. Hardware

3.1. Processor

3.1.1. Snap Dragon Pros New node New node Cons New node New node

3.2. Screen

3.2.1. Pros This facility makes it possible for the owner to use the phone only by touching the screen of the mobile phone. There is no need for any buttons on the device to make it work

3.2.2. Cons screens can be damaged easily. you can end up deleting software or sending an email to the wrong person.

3.3. Network

3.3.1. Pros Smartphones with Wi-Fi save a lot of time You can make free calls from the internet through VOIP (Voice over Internet Protocol).

3.3.2. Cons he major problem most Smartphone users come across is the battery life. If there is a bad Wi-Fi connection in the area then you are going to suffer a lot of disconnection problems

3.4. Camara

3.4.1. Pros they use tiny sensors. better image quality

3.4.2. Cons Not a dedicated It’s not made to handle accessories

3.5. Capacity

3.5.1. Pros Most of them have tri- or quad-band GSM Modules for worldwide use. Plays videos and music files with Windows Media Player Mobile,

3.5.2. Cons Limited text-entry capability Does not have the same set of built-in applications found on the Pocket PC—most notably, Word, Excel, and PowerPoint Mobile are missing.

3.6. RAM

3.6.1. Pros New node New node

3.6.2. Cons New node New node