Janina Lashkevich CV

Janina Lashkevich Agile Coach Change Agent Full Experience CV

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Janina Lashkevich CV by Mind Map: Janina Lashkevich CV

1. Education

1.1. Professional

1.1.1. ICAgile Agile Certified Professional, ICP 2013 Accredited Trainer since 2015 Agile Team Facilitation, ATF 2014 Accredited Trainer since 2016 Agile Project Management, APM 2016 Accredited Trainer since 2017 Agile Teams Coaching, ACC 2017 Agile HR and Agile Talent, TAL 2018 Business Value Management, BVA 2018 Accredited Trainer since 2018

1.1.2. LEGO Serious Play Certified Facilitator and Workshop Designer; 2017

1.1.3. Management 3.0 Licensed Management 3.0 Facilitator, Trainer from 2016

1.1.4. Lean Kanban Univercity Kanban Management Profesional, KMP from 2014

1.1.5. ScrumAlliance Certified Agile Product Owner, 2015-2017

1.2. Academic

1.2.1. Manager of IT Systems by Academy of Public Administration; Minsk, Belarus 2004-2010.

1.2.2. Chartered Institute of Marketing, 2013

2. Roles and Experience: Software Development industry from 2005

2.1. Software Testing Engineer; Quality Assurance 2005-2008

2.2. Business Analyst, Technical Writer, 2006

2.3. Corporate Communications Coordinator; 2008-2009

2.4. Business Development Manager, 2009

2.5. Marketing Specialist, Product assistant, 2010

2.6. R'n'D Site co-founder, Deputy Director; HR and PR functions lead; Client Development Consultant; 2010-2013

2.7. Founder; Education and Community Management; Consultant for companies growth; Event product and project manager; 2013-2015

2.8. R'n'D Site co-founder; Deputy Director on Teams Development; Agile Coach and Change Agent; 2015-2018

2.9. Executive Agile Coach; Change Management Consultant; Trainer; 2017-on

3. Professionals Skills and Roles

3.1. Agile Coach/Change Agent

3.1.1. Team Level, Scrum Master

3.1.2. Program Level, Value Stream mapping and Scaled Agile implementation skills

3.1.3. Portfolio/Enterprise level; Strategical Agile Transformation; Change Agents team leading

3.1.4. Company assessment and analysis, Change Management strategy creation and implementation

3.1.5. Both full time engagements and long term solutions and Consulting experience with short term injections

3.1.6. Accredited Trainer for multiple world-recognized certification institutions

3.1.7. Strong Facilitation and session design skills

3.1.8. Corporate Culture and Corporate Communications solutions driving

3.1.9. Experience with various size of companies and business models including Startups, Product Companies, Offshore sites or Outsourcing companies

3.2. Offshore

3.2.1. Expert on offshore software development with deep knowledge of various markets and business models

3.2.2. Experience of start up or transformation of offshore development sites

3.3. HR and Employer Branding functions

3.3.1. Strategic and tactical hands-on experience

3.3.2. Communities building and relationship management, both internal and external

3.3.3. Corporate Communications and Corporate Culture management

3.3.4. Education and Team Development

3.3.5. Recruitment strategy, team growth management

3.3.6. Event and PR activities both internal and public

3.3.7. Connecting HR functions to Agile Transformation and Change Agents

3.3.8. Creating Public message and company image, online and offline strategy

3.3.9. Creation of Corporate Change Office involving/transforming HR generalist into Change Agents and facilitators

3.4. Consulting

3.4.1. Experience as hired onsite full-time specialist or contractor/consultant;

3.4.2. Building business site or development office from scratch

3.4.3. Experience working on multiple accounts at the same time, supporting Change Strategy implementation

3.4.4. Company transformation based on assessments and business needs

3.4.5. Growth retiring rebuilding HR, Marketing, Product and Managerial structures and strategies

4. Administrative Information

4.1. Personal Information:

4.1.1. Age: 32

4.1.2. Married, no kids

4.1.3. Citizenship: Belarus

4.1.4. Permanent Residence: Warsaw, Poland

4.2. Employment/Contract Options

4.2.1. 3-4 days per week 3-6 month contracts

4.2.2. Consulting-type of availability :both short-term and long term depending on assignment and phase

4.2.3. Full-time 1 year contract onsite employment, possible for selected positions and companies: to be discussed

4.2.4. B2B contract, invoice-based payments

4.3. Languages

4.3.1. Russian, native

4.3.2. English, professional level

4.3.3. Polish, business communication level

4.3.4. French,business communication level

4.3.5. Spanish, limited communication level

4.4. Contact details

4.4.1. +48882901652

4.4.2. [email protected]

4.4.3. LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/janinalashkevich/

5. Companies involved full-time/long term:

5.1. About Gett - Who we Are and What we are doing

5.2. Juno - A Better Ridesharing Service

5.3. AgileLAB – Agile and Lean trainings

5.4. SPACE | EventSpace.BY

5.5. Essential Apps | Apalon

5.6. Excellence in Custom Software Engineering

5.7. Our company | Tieto

5.8. Home | Viber

5.9. EPAM | Software Engineering & Product Development Services