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Signs, Objects, Meaning by Mind Map: Signs, Objects, Meaning
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Signs, Objects, Meaning

Object and Meaning (Edmund Husserl)


Names/Signs acting as a descriptive identifying property, Right-angled triangle


Names/Signs designating an object, Socrates

Thoery of Signs (Jacques Derrida)

Structuralist Theory

Sign always refers to the Object

Man is shaped by psychology, sociology & linguistics

Underlying structure in the Medium


Cultural bias in studying the structure of the medium

To understand the meaning(s) of the object/sign/medium, one must study not only the object itself, but also the architecture of knowledge which produced the object., Illusions of fixed system of representation

"continually breaking apart and re-attaching in new combinations", Remix Culture, Fragmentation


Post-Modernism, Collage/Montage, "primary form of post-modern communication"

Opposition/duality, Good V Evil, Mind V Matter, Oral V Textual, Textual V Audio/Visual, Audio/Visual V ?(Multi-sensory)

Hierarchical Structure

Multiple Meaning in Text, Multiplicity, Does Multiplicity beget Nihilism?, Meaning is unsettled

We cannot step outside the text to find an objective meaning/truth

The cyclical nature of origin & manifestation/ object & meaning

Writers use words on the basis of all the other texts and words they've encountered, Readers do the same

Thw Meaning of Words (Plato)

"Man is the measure if all things" - Protagoras

Phenomenalism, Sensory Stimuli, Objects exist only as 'perceptual phenomena', "Bundles of sense-data", Subjective Idealism/ Immaterialism - George Berkeley, Objects existing when not being perceived, Proxies, "To be is to be perceived", Tlön, Uqbar, Orbis Tertius - Jorge Luis Borges, "Occasionally a few birds, a horse perhaps, have saved the ruins of an amphitheater", A fictional world within a fictional world, Different Levels of Reality, Idealism is seen as common sense. Materialism considered heresey, Language influencing thoughts, Ideas influencing reality, Physical objects willed into existence by mere imagination, Hrönir, Duplications created when people find the same lost object in two different places, Schrodinger's Cat, Superpositions of objects in reality, The ficitonal world distracting people from the real world, Virtual Reality, Internet, Online/offline gaming

Solipsism, One can only be sure that there own mind exists, Problem of other minds - John Stuart Hill

Subjective truth

Objective Truth

Linguistic legislator

Knowledge of the true name of things

The "correctness" of names, "Metalworkers might make the same instruments, but not of the same iron.", World Languages

The essence of a name

Wrong way to use an instrument - wrong way to use words?

Given by nature