Table Connect Team

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Table Connect Team by Mind Map: Table Connect Team

1. Connecting the iphone

1.1. Starting the app

1.1.1. doesn't start

1.2. cute

1.2.1. table burst into flames

2. Table connect

2.1. Ideas worth faking it

3. It's all a fake

3.1. special effects

3.1.1. months of special effects

4. intentionally bad images in the making of

5. Tossing the domino

5.1. sent a tip to engadget

5.1.1. every news site reported afterwards

5.1.2. initially spotted as a fake

5.2. Once the video went live, engadget picked up the story again

5.3. 1 million views on YT in 3 days

5.4. 1400 newsletter subscriptions

5.5. conversations about fake or not drove buzz

6. Planning viral

6.1. a lot of luck

6.2. timing

6.3. connections to media

7. A follow up video

7.1. viral marketing opportunity for any brand

7.2. Planned to involve Microsoft in the reveal of the fake

7.3. 2 midgets holding an iPad

8. one of the greatest viral hits from Austria ever

9. Stay hungry, Stay fooling

9.1. we've already been foolish

10. Standing ovation for the team

11. Legend

11.1. Use the + and - icons to expand/collapse nodes

11.2. Hover over the square with lines to read attached notes

11.3. The forward pointing arrow indicates a link associated with the node

11.4. Live Mind Mapping provided by Dan Taylor

12. Never seen before in public

12.1. world premier