Roman Braun

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Roman Braun by Mind Map: Roman Braun

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1.4. Live Mind Mapping provided by Dan Taylor

2. The non-trivial side of happiness

2.1. Is there a place better than paradise?

2.1.1. i Think so...a kid on a playground

3. Emotions

3.1. Pain

3.1.1. this is another source of motivation inside of us

3.2. Suffering

4. Let me be angry instead

4.1. Please help me start my car

4.2. I will help you for 5 minutes

4.2.1. i won't do it longer thatn 5 minutes

4.3. Give me all your chocolate!!!

5. I have passion for training 24/7

5.1. I couldn't apply the purpose model to explain her anger

5.2. We are not pain avoiding beings

5.3. But my suffering is still huge

6. Having a baby in 6 months

6.1. my first reaction was to become a medical doctor

6.2. I would have total control

6.3. Started to talk to mothers who had just given birth

6.3.1. all of these women said that they were prepared for the worst pain possible

6.3.2. none of these women would describe this event as suffering We call this surrender purposeful pain

7. NLP

7.1. Pain

7.2. Pleasure

8. Purpose-

8.1. less

8.1.1. suffering

8.2. full

8.2.1. surrender

9. Can I go to the other level

9.1. living with

9.1.1. surrender

9.1.2. Joy

9.2. Are you ready to pay the price for it?

10. when you know that it's possible

10.1. surrender and joy

10.2. why does this feel so magical?

10.3. because we all started at this level (up there - ref. child speech)

10.4. every kid does this

10.5. The average kid laughs 400 times per day

10.6. The average American adult

10.6.1. 12

11. We all started there

11.1. no suffering

11.2. No bank account

11.2.1. no kid says this

11.3. It's hardwired into our brain

11.4. Look for the right amount between

11.4.1. Joy

11.4.2. Surrender

11.5. Let this day not be the exception

11.5.1. We can fill our moments of life with purpose Joy Surrender

11.5.2. When we do this we live a fulfilled life