Corinna Milborn

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Corinna Milborn by Mind Map: Corinna Milborn

1. Nigerian man who has been deported 115 times

1.1. went on and looked for a pickup to take him back through the desert to try to get back to Europe

1.2. We breath the same air

1.2.1. why are you allowed to travel back and forth, and I can not?

2. What is Europe about

2.1. freedom

2.2. equality

2.3. solidarity

2.4. All human being are born free and equal in dignity and rights

3. The European Fortress

3.1. Frontex

3.1.1. an agency created to stop migrant boats in the mediterranean and push them back

3.2. people who save refugees on their boat, can go to jail for it

3.3. we have an image where everyone is equal

3.4. Right under our eyes the biggest mass murder in recent history

4. What's the way out?

4.1. Small village in Italy

4.1.1. people are getting older and older

4.1.2. a boat of refugees arrived

4.1.3. we have all these empty house because people are getting old

4.1.4. created jobs craft jobs selling to the tourists

4.2. Set a date and open the borders

4.2.1. If Europe says it's open, it must be build for diversity

4.3. Immigrants don't have a voice

4.3.1. they need one

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6. Europe's borderline syndrome