Lilli Hollein

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Lilli Hollein by Mind Map: Lilli Hollein

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2. Complaining is silly. Either act or forget.

3. Finding new and creative ways of advertising without billboards

3.1. Public space is a beautiful field for creativity and art is a fruitful virus

4. Vienna Design week

4.1. spread over the entire city

4.2. Design is not only the luxury, but has the capability to provide things

4.3. making Vienna design week on ongoing event

4.3.1. staging themes that are important to society

4.4. the laboratory

4.4.1. industrial designers

4.4.2. open to the public to see how designers work

4.5. Building a wine bar in a rundown building

4.5.1. no complaints from the neighbors

4.5.2. in fact...they loved it

4.6. Basically...pop up cafe's

4.7. 29,000 people took part in Design Week 2011

4.7.1. running for the money, but it's never enough

5. Lots of self promotion

5.1. traveled to other festivals and places

5.2. promoting Vienna design week

6. Do what you love and what you're convinced of