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Lilli Hollein by Mind Map: Lilli Hollein
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Lilli Hollein

Mrs. Hollein studied Industrial Design at Vienna´s University for applied Arts, and graduated with a diploma in 1999. Since 1996 she is a curator and journalist for architecture and design. In 2007, Mrs. Hollein was the commissioner of Austria’s participation at the 7. Architecture Biennial in Sao Paulo „feld72 – urbanism for sale“. Other projects include for example curating the Galerie Aedes East, in Berlin and the Zumtobel Vienna „AustriArchitektur“ in 2005. As an author she has contributed to numerous books, catalogues and juries. For 2010-2013 she is president of the KÖR jury/ art in public space Vienna. Together with T. Beyerle and T. Geisler, forming „Neigungsgruppe Design“, she founded and curates since 2007 the VIENNA DESIGN WEEK and the conferences „D06 – Zeitzonen“.


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Complaining is silly. Either act or forget.

Finding new and creative ways of advertising without billboards

Public space is a beautiful field for creativity and art is a fruitful virus

Vienna Design week

spread over the entire city

Design is not only the luxury, but has the capability to provide things

making Vienna design week on ongoing event

the laboratory

Building a wine bar in a rundown building

Basically...pop up cafe's

29,000 people took part in Design Week 2011

Lots of self promotion

traveled to other festivals and places

promoting Vienna design week

Do what you love and what you're convinced of