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Ecosystems by Mind Map: Ecosystems

1. Organism

1.1. A plant, animal, or single-celled life form

1.2. Detritivore

1.2.1. An organism that feeds on other dead organisms

1.2.2. Decomposer An organism that breaks down the remains of a dead organisms (e.g. fungi and bacteria)

1.3. Producers

1.3.1. An organism that makes it's own food using energy (e.g. photo synthesis is when plants use energy from the sun, water and carbon dioxide to make sugars for them to eat)

1.3.2. Consumers Animals that cannot make their own food so they have to hunt to get it

1.4. Predators

1.4.1. Prey Organisms that are eaten by other organisms

1.4.2. Organisms that eat other organsims

1.5. Carnivore

1.5.1. An organism that only eats meat

1.5.2. Omnivore An organism that eats plants and animals Herbivore An organism that eats only plants

2. Factors

2.1. Abiotic Factors

2.1.1. Organisms that are not living (e.g. rain, wind, temperature, pollution, soil)

2.2. Biotic Factors

2.2.1. Organisms that are living (e.g. animals, plants, etc.)

3. Food Chain

3.1. The order of which organisms get energy (e.g. the sun provides energy for plants plants get eaten by cows, sheep, etc., those animals get eaten by humans)

3.2. Food Web

3.2.1. A diagram larger than a food chain, that connects and shows how smaller food chains share energy

3.3. Pyramid of Numbers

3.3.1. A pyramid that shows the amount of organisms in a food chain

4. Ecosystem

4.1. A community in which different types of organisms interact with eachother

4.2. Habitat

4.2.1. The environment that a specific kind of organism lives in

4.3. Sustainable

4.3.1. An ecosystem that is able to work properally on it's own without human inference

5. Interaction

5.1. Competition

5.1.1. Organisms in the same habitat that both use the same resources

5.1.2. Mutualism When organisms competing for resources both benefit