#10yearstogether EaP anniversary

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#10yearstogether EaP anniversary by Mind Map: #10yearstogether EaP anniversary

1. Values

1.1. Empowerment, Partnership, Development, Dialogue

1.2. Solidarity, unity, dignity

1.3. Participation, Integration, inclusiveness, engagement, opportunity

1.4. Freedom, justice, rights, speech, stronger

1.5. Sustainability, transparency,

1.6. Networking, friendship, exchange, society

2. What if...

2.1. Isolation

2.1.1. Stagnation ...

2.2. Compettition over cooperation

2.2.1. division

2.3. More mess and less communication

2.4. Weaker civil society

2.4.1. weaker social societis

2.5. Less sustainability

2.6. Poor networking

2.6.1. Less opportunities for students less friends

2.7. EU would have forgotten about these countries

2.7.1. No fundings and no projects in the Region

2.8. Lack of Democracy

2.8.1. more borders

2.9. Stronger Russian dominance and influence

3. EU contribution

3.1. Freedom and prosperity

3.1.1. visa free EaP

3.2. Conflict Resolution

3.3. Assessment

3.4. Focus on education

3.4.1. youth

3.5. more funding for Civil Society

3.6. set new goals

3.7. Legally Include NGos in official process of negotiations

3.8. implement Magnitsky's Law in Europe

3.8.1. sanctions for HR violations more events on justice sanctions for Oligarchs

3.9. raise more awareness and empower

3.9.1. improve awareness of the societies about EaP Policy stronger visibilty

3.10. European FairAward

3.11. more advocacy activities

3.11.1. more tools on influencing the governments

3.12. build physical infrastructure of interconnection

3.12.1. Reset/restart its goals in EaP region

4. My contribution

4.1. Experts for papers

4.1.1. information from the ground Preparation of visual materials, papers, ideas for future strategy

4.2. Share experience

4.2.1. Share success stories

4.3. Solidarity actions

4.4. Raise visibility of EaP CSF

4.5. Dissiminate activities

4.5.1. Arranfe public events

4.6. Promote EaP Index

4.7. Make retrospective

4.8. Promote communication and engagement

4.9. Events in EaP and EU countries reviewing EaP 10 years and formulate policy recommendations for the EaP beyond 2020