Does being extroverted help a student's success at school?

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Does being extroverted help a student's success at school? by Mind Map: Does being extroverted help a student's success at school?

1. More Communication

1.1. More conversations with new different people

1.2. Completely out of the comfort zone

1.3. Ideas can be shared with different people with completely different working styles

2. Confidence grows

2.1. Speaking confidence

2.2. Speaking in confidence helps others understand what is going on in your mind.

2.3. Confidence allows you to take more risks

2.4. Helps your feel better about the work being produced

3. Gains more self-confidence in your own work

3.1. Able to go all out.

3.2. Able to show anything to people instead of feeling embarrassed.

3.2.1. If there is something that could be changed, not afraid to accept the advice.

4. Able to get advise from more different kinds of people

4.1. People that a student hangs out with are usually very similar and have similar ideas. (Thats why they would be friends) But when talking to new people helps the student to be able to see a completely different vision.

4.1.1. That can help a lot to gain new ideas.

5. Not limited to a few resources

5.1. You can create connections with people in a completely different field than you which can help in future works.

5.1.1. Not only gaining resources but can also help gain recognition when more people knows about you from being extroverted

6. More people that can potentially help you

6.1. Ideas can be shared

6.2. Makes it easier for others can talk to you which can lead to helping eachother out

6.3. In the future if someone you talked to became very successful and you became close, that person can get you to be part of their team which would benefit you a lot.

7. Able to see more things

7.1. New visions can create more ideas

7.1.1. Able to adapt to different styles of work.

7.2. Won't be stuck in not knowing what to do

8. Helps with stress

8.1. More people to be able to talk about personal things

8.2. Students in the same class would be going through the same thing

8.3. You won't feel like you are the only one feeling that way.

9. Able to understand other people's situation

9.1. Being able to understand other people's situation allows you to feel like you are not the only one; you are not alone on this.

9.1.1. Relieves stress. Feels more comfortable to work.

9.1.2. Does not feel like work is forced on you.

9.1.3. World doesn't feel like a bully

9.1.4. Motivation rises

10. Able to collaborate with others

10.1. More talents can be combined

10.2. New opportunities

11. Able to gain more ideas

12. What could be the benefits of being Introverted?

12.1. Won't get distracted by others

12.2. Better time management

12.3. Can possibly get work done faster

12.4. Can focus on only thinking about yourself