What can I do...?

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What can I do...? by Mind Map: What can I do...?

1. bullies

1.1. how to understand what leads a young person to bullying behavior and approach with empathy

1.1.1. lack of healthy self-esteem development in home life

2. victims

2.1. how to prevent those affected by bullying rise above victimization

3. school leaders

3.1. how to reach? how to convince of the importance?

4. teachers

5. counselors

6. parents

6.1. part of whole-community approach

7. training? workshops?

8. How can I help bullying victims who are not helped by schoolwide interventions?

9. role of self-esteem

10. What can I learn about models, programs, or practices that have been successfully used by schools or organizations to improve the self-esteem of middle and high school students who have been or may be affected by bullying, so that I can create a guide to help schools without a current plan more easily create one?

10.1. guide = what can be improved or enhanced about what's already working and what can be tried that hasn't been tried before

11. internal locus of control/growth mindset -- understanding different personality types -- introversion versus extroversion

12. major role - lead school-wide program, set example for other school staff